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Client : Legal & General Nederland

Project : EURO Currency Conversion


In December 1997, Legal & General requested RADIX for a two-week quick scan study for its Euro currency problem in its offices in Holland to evaluate the problem, develop possible solutions and estimate the scope of work required. There are two major activities for Euro conversion; database conversion and program modifications. In database conversion, a detailed review of all data files within the application will be done to determine the amount fields, the amount field relations within a file or between files, and the files defined as multi-member files. In program modifications, additional processes or changes will be incorporated in the programs to provide the users the facility to input and view data in both currencies.

Together with the technical group of L&G, the RADIX team formulated the general approach and presented the results of the study to L&G management. In early January 1998, a service agreement was signed between RADIX and the company for the conversion of programs in Manila.


Hardware IBM AS/400
Software OS/400, ILE RPG
Duration 6 months
Size 348 ILE RPG, 176 CL Programs, 120 Sequel Reports, 140 Database Tables
Peak Manpower 7 Analysts and Programmers

Contact Person:

D.P. Manager
Legal & General Nederland
Laapersveld 68, 1213 VB Hilversum

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