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Client : Custom Systems Company, Inc.

Project: Charter One Direct Banking Units

Charter One Sales Monitoring
Operating System II (COSMOSII)

The system was designed to capture sales transactions through telephone calls. The main users of COSMOSII are the: Consumer Unit, Mortgage Unit and Business Banking Unit of Charter One. These units facilitate sales by acting as the agent between the consumers/companies (customer) and the branches (seller). Although COSMOS was initially designed to handle end-consumer products, the CSC-RADIX negotiation for COSMOSII included revision of the system to handle mortgage products also. RADIX's contract with CSC included enhancements to accommodate another unit they call Business Banking.Under this contract, RADIX shall have to do the following:
  • Conversion of database from Access to SQL Server (we used SQL Scripts)

  • Conversion of COSMOS Access to COSMOSII Visual Basic/Crystal Report.

  • Conversion and incorporation of Knowledgebase to COSMOSII.

  • Incorporation of Business Banking requirements to COSMOSII

  • Conversion and incorporation of Profiler to COSMOSII.

Hardware Local Area Network
Software WIndows NT, SQL Server
Language Visual Basic, Crystal Report, SQL Scripts
Duration 3 Months
Peak Manpower 10 Analysts and Programmers
Contact Person:
Custom Systems Company, Inc.
Suite 350, 10107 Breckville Road
Cleveland, Ohio

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