塬er Management System


DMS DMS is our comprehensive solution for the automotive dealers management. Our 11 years in the automotive industry and 20 years in the information technology are among our major strengths. We believe that this solution would increase serviceability and b2b relationship between the customer and the distributor.

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    Parts Operations
  • Parts Reference Maintenance: Parts catalog, Parts interchangeability, Bin locations, Supply constants, Parts list, Electronic parts update
  • Parts Sales Requisitions and Issuance: Over-the-counter and service requisitions, Capture of demand by quantity or frequency of calls, Stock reservations and locations monitoring, Customer's backorder processing, Inter-department stock transfers, Returns to supplier
  • Demand or Stock Analysis
  • Purchase Order Preparation: Suggested order preparation per brand, Customer's backorder purchase, PO sending via Internet
  • Receipts from Deliveries or Inter-department Transfers, Stock Returns with Credit Memo or Parts Return Slip: Deliveries via Internet
  • Stock Adjustments and Physical Count: Count sheet pricing, Actual count entry, Actual count posting

    Service Operations
  • Service Reference Maintenance: Vehicle-vehicle information, Customer-vehicle owner information, Vehicle model and color, Standard Operations and labor charges
  • Repair Estimate Preparation and Outstanding Repair Monitoring: Body repair estimates, Online vehicle information capture, Online vehicle owner information capture, Repair labor details entry, Repair parts details entry, Miscellaneous information entry, Tracks repair order history, Mechanic's man-hour entries and monitoring, Warranty claims processing

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    Accounting Support
  • Receiving Report Posting
  • Credit Memo Generation
  • Final Stock Adjustment Generation
  • Parts and Service Sales Invoice Preparation

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