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International Clients

Call Henry Inc., Florida

Custom Systems Co., Ohio ?

Prime Solutions Inc., Colorado

Legal and General, Holland ?

Nissan Motors Thailand ?


Honda Cars Phils., Inc

Mantrade Development Corp.

Mitsubishi Motors

Nissan Motor Philippines

Nissan Quezon Avenue

Pilipinas Hino Inc.

Toyota Motor Phils. Inc.

Banks and Financial Services


Asiatrust Bank

Citibank Aspac

East West Bank

Hong Kong Bank

May Bank

Philam Savings Bank

Planters Development Bank

RCBC Savings Bank


Aegon Life Insurance Phils. Inc.

All-Asia Life Assurance Corporation

Manila Bankers Life Assurance Corp.

Nippon Life Insurance Co.

Philippine Axa Life Insurance, Inc. ?


Abbott Laboratories

Smithkline Beecham

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Zuellig / Interpharma Holdings
Boehringer Ingelheim (Phils.), Inc.

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Manufacturing and Distribution

Avon Philippines

Amkor/Anam Pilipinas, Inc.

Coca Cola Bottlers Co. Phils. Inc.

Dole Philippines, Inc.

Fiesta Brands Inc.

Futaba Manufacturing

Goodyear Philippines


Kraft Foods Inc.

Matsushita Electric Phils. Corp.

Nestle Philippines, Inc.

Photokina Marketing Corporation

Solid Cement Corporation (CEMEX)

SEMTECH International (Phils.)

Sony Philippines


Unilever Philippines, Inc.

Services ?/b>

Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company

Ayala Systems Technology Inc.

Poblador Azada & Bucoy

Questronix Corporation

SGS Far East Limited


Filinvest Info. Tech., Inc.

Phil. Fuji Xerox

Iber Pacific

SQL/DB Wizard


Allied Telecommunications

Digital Telecommunication Phils., Inc.?/font>

Phil. Long Distance Telephone Co.

Pilipino Telephone Corp. (Piltel)

Smart Communications

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